He was out of sight when I picked myself up. That's the last I saw of him. «How did you know it was Geiger he shot?» I asked gruffly. Brody shrugged. «I figure it was, but I can be wrong. When I had the plate developed and saw what was on it, I was pretty damn sure. And when Geiger didn't come down to the store this morning and didn't answer his phone I was plenty sure. So I figure it's a good time to move his books out and make a quick touch on the Sternwoods for travel money and blow for a while. I nodded. «That seems reasonable. Maybe you didn't murder anybody at that.
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I dropped it back in the tray, wondering what made this important. Maybe it was a clue. I got Mrs. Murdock's check out of my wallet, endorsed it, made out a deposit slip and a check for cash, got my bank book out of the desk, and folded the lot under a rubber band and put them in my pocket. Lois Magic was not listed in the phone book.

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